“As someone who has owned and operated specialist running shops for over a period of 30 years it has always been one of the great privileges and pleasures of the job to have the opportunity to trial new products particularly running shoes as they come on the market. Although I no longer work full time in the SRC which is now managed and partly owned by my son Julian I still take a keen interest in all aspects of the business and at the ripe old age of 62 I am still an enthusiastic (if somewhat slower runner).

Recently I have had the opportunity to trial the HOKA shoes which appeared on the Australian market over the last 9 months.  I admit that I had to overcome my initial prejudices in regards to the somewhat bulky appearance of the shoe due mainly to the 40% increase in midsole cushioning as compared to most other trainers.  However once I felt the lightweight (290grams) of the HOKA one one I was excited and couldn’t wait to start running in them. 

After 40 years of running in which time I have competed regularly in events from 400m to ultra-marathons my legs have accumulated many miles of wear and tear.  Although I have been fortunate not to suffer any serious injuries like all veteran runners niggles in the joints are common place particularly after road runs.  So it was to my great surprise and delight that after 4 consecutive training days on the road in the HOKA I experienced no soreness and my legs felt fresh.

The other pleasing aspect of the HOKA shoes is that for a trainer with such a large midsole they are surprisingly responsive and in my opinion encourage a smooth and efficient running technique.  There is no feeling of clumsiness with the shoe and downhill running is a great experience which I have not enjoyed in in many years.So although I have always been somewhat reluctant to recommend a particular brand or model of shoe I feel confident that the HOKA shoe is one well worth considering when buying your next pair of trainers, particularly if you are looking for a lightweight shoe with good support and cushioning.” – Phil Roux Owner – Sydney Running Centre