About Us

Over recent years the number of specialty running stores in the Metropolitan area has grown considerably. This reflects on the Increase in the number of people requiring performance footwear for their particular training needs. With podiatrists more and more aware of the need for quality footwear, specialist shops have a critical role to play in bridging the gap between the professionals (doctors, physios and podiatrists) and the product user.

Selecting the correct running or walking shoe is not as simple as many people think. Just because a shoe comes with a big price tag and bears a well known logo, it does not guarantee that it will be the right shoe for your requirements. This is where the specialist shop comes into the equation. At Sydney Running Centre, owner Phil Roux, his son and manager Julian Roux, are both experienced runners. Phil has been involved with running shops both in the city and country over a period of 30 years.  The method in helping customers buy the correct shoe is something the Sydney Running Centre applies consistently to every person who walks through the door of their shop. 

Whether you are a casual walker, fun runner or serious athlete the same principles of identifying your particular foot type and any bio mechanical idiosyncrasies is applied. If the right shoe for your needs is not in stock at the time an inferior substitute will not be sold and the correct shoe will be obtained as soon as possible. The SRC will never compromise on the quality of the merchandise it sells particularly in its shoe range. If for any reason a customer is disappointed in the quality or durability of a product (when used correctly for walking or running) the SRC will guarantee after sales satisfaction either through the manufacturer or the shop itself. “If its professional service and advice for quality products at a fair Price” the SRC is definitely the shop for all runners and walkers.